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Stephanie Jensen: 
Professional Dog Trainer Mooresville NC

I moved to North Carolina from Connecticut in October of 2012. I have been around and worked with dogs and horses all my life and couldn't imagine my life without them. When I finally got established in my new home of NC, I started looking for career paths that would allow me to do what I love which is work with animals. I have always been interested in dog training and work and when I came across The K9 Coach I knew I found where I belong. This is also where I was introduced to Genghis a.k.a. G Man who was a troubled little dog who was bouncing from home to home and in and out of shelters and foster care. His loud, energetic and dominant personality wasn't something that was easy for most people to handle so he became my foster student as I went through the Trainer Internship with The K9 Coach. G Man has come such a long way toward being an obedient, respectful little boy who is ready for his forever home and has taught me so much about what becoming a successful dog trainer is all about. Not only do I know he is close to finding his forever home, but I know dog training is my forever home and I couldn't imagine a better way I could have gotten there.

Lexi Pauly

Professional Dog Trainer, Rock Hill SC

Ijust moved to the Charlotte area in the summer of 2014 from West Palm Beach, FL. I came here to be closer to family after college and had no idea that I would fall in love with dog training so fast!

I got my degree in business at Palm Beach Atlantic University and had every intention of finding that dependable corporate job. I quickly found that that was not for me and ended up starting my own dog walking and pet sitting business. I fell in love with all of my clients and was thrilled to get to spend all day every day with pups! I decided to take myself further into the canine world and become a trainer.

I found Dana and was really excited about her balanced training style. I found that it actually works! It is effective for both dogs and humans and creates the best dog possible when done properly. I have learned so much from Dana and her training style and am excited to share with others. I am thrilled to be part of something so important as I believe that the proper training can save your dog's life and create a happy home.


Coaching People, Training Dogs, Changing Lives

I have had dogs my entire life.  I became involved in dog rescue in 2002. Through rescue work, I developed great skills for working with challenging dogs. Taking on an aggressive foster lead to me participate in intense dog training with a local trainer.   That became a passion and ultimately led me to leave a 21 year career in corporate America to follow a new dream. A dream of helping other people learn how to enjoy their dog.   Still involved in rescue work and supporting local rescue groups through training programs -- The K9 Coach was born in 2011. 

I won't tell you I have seen it all, because I never cease to be amazed at situations humans have put animals in.   But I'm also amazed at animal behavior, resiliency, and spirit.  I am also a life-long student of dog behavior, people and techniques to bring the two together in a happy K9 family.  

I attended the National K9 School for Dog Trainers and today, I'm living the dream as a Certified Dog Trainer -- spending time out doors playing with dogs; teaching them new behaviors and skills to be a happier part of your family. It is a great reward to see a family overcome issues they are experiences with their dog & start to experience the joy dogs can bring.   It's even more rewarding to prevent those issues by starting a puppy off on the right foot!

I have 4 rescue dogs of my own Lexie, Huey, Howie and Vinnie.  I also usually have a foster or two hanging around as well.

Nothing brings me more joy that helping a dog and his family --- well making taking pictures to give families memories of a lifetime.....     Visit my photography website

Dana Brigman
Owner & Senior Trainer