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Jessica Myer

Assistant Trainer

Ever since I can remember, I have always had the drive and passion to work with animals. At the Age of 11 I started volunteering at a local veterinarian's office. I was limited to the things I could help with because of my age, this only made me eager to grow up so I could learn and help out more. I worked at that same vet's office for over 7 years. I loved taking care of the sick animals, there was something so comforting about knowing you helped save an animal's life. In time, it felt as though something was out of place in my life and I started looking into different careers with animals. I remember growing up as a kid watching Cesar Millan shows and being amazed that training could change a dog's life and attitude.
I enrolled in courses at Animal Behavior College for dog obedience training. My education included basic studies of canines, learning theory, training basics the art of effective problem solving, and how to teach basic obedience cues along with much more. The more I got into my studies at Animal Behavior College, the more I fell in love with training dogs. There is no better feeling than knowing you can help change that dog's attitude and perspective on the world around them. I strongly believe every dog owner could greatly benefit from training, working at a vet's office for so long, I got to see first hand how many owners released their family pets into the shelter because of Bad Manners, being unruly and the house, or because they think their dog is aggressive. All of these can easily be prevented with some training. I have found my calling in life and cannot wait to Progress further in my career as a dog trainer.

Allison Sweatt

Assistant Trainer & Office Administrator

Founder & Director of Richmond County Animal Advocates

"Nothing is more rewarding than seeing a dog come into our program nervous, shy and just a complete mess and leave us with confidence and obedience. Training has taught me to believe that with patience and perseverance, dogs deemed "unadoptable" due to behavioral issues can work through it and find homes. I hope to help educate my community that even dogs that were labeled "bad dogs" can be "good dogs" when taught the fundamentals of obedience. I love seeing owners on graduation day see their dogs succeed. I hope that through training more owners will work through their issues with their dogs, and not give up on them."

Chivon Winter

Senior Trainer -- Charlotte

My mission is to help people reach the goals they set forth with their dog with superior results and service. I got into dog training because I, too, had a dog that had a severe behavioral disorder, and didn't know what to do. When I found out that I could have a career where this type of issue could be fixed, and I could help other people who were experiencing the same thing, I jumped on board and never looked back. Through my education, and real-world experiences, I've discovered that the process of finding and hiring a dog trainer can be intimidating. Whether it's a concern of the training approach itself, or the results you get by the time you're done, I want to alleviate any stress or concern you may have with the training process, and create the best experience possible. I've always been a person of conflict resolution, and if I can use my expertise in dog behavior and training to accomplish that with you and your family, then I will know I have done my job! Allow me to help you, your family, and your community the best way I know how; through developing the best behavior possible from man's best friend!"

I have had dogs my entire life.  I became involved in dog rescue in 2002. Through rescue work, I developed great skills for working with challenging dogs. Taking on an aggressive foster lead to me participate in intense dog training with a local trainer.   That became a passion and ultimately led me to leave a 21 year career in corporate America to follow a new dream. A dream of helping other people learn how to enjoy their dog.   Still involved in rescue work and supporting local rescue groups through training programs -- The K9 Coach was born in 2011. 

I won't tell you I have seen it all, because I never cease to be amazed at situations humans have put animals in.   But I'm also amazed at animal behavior, resiliency, and spirit.  I am also a life-long student of dog behavior, people and techniques to bring the two together in a happy K9 family.  

I attended the National K9 School for Dog Trainers and today, I'm living the dream as a Certified Dog Trainer -- spending time out doors playing with dogs; teaching them new behaviors and skills to be a happier part of your family. It is a great reward to see a family overcome issues they are experiences with their dog & start to experience the joy dogs can bring.   It's even more rewarding to prevent those issues by starting a puppy off on the right foot!

I have 4 rescue dogs of my own Lexie, Huey, Howie and Vinnie.  I also usually have a foster or two hanging around as well.

Nothing brings me more joy that helping a dog and his family --- well making taking pictures to give families memories of a lifetime.....     Visit my photography website

Dana Brigman
Owner & Senior Trainer

The K9 Coach Dog TrainerS

Proudly serving The Carolinas -- Matthews, Charlotte and Pinehurst NC